Islam The Only Way To ALLAH


Q 1: On how many things does Islaam base?
A. Islaam is based on five things:
1. To testify that there is no true deity except Allah and that Hadrat Muhammad(may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him) is His chosen servant and true Messenger.
2. To establish/offer prayer five times a day.
3. To pay poor due.
4. To perform Hajj.
5. To observe fasts in the holy month of Ramadan.

Q 2: What are the testifying words of Islaam?
A. "Ashhadu Allaaa Ilaaha Illal Laahu wa Ashhadu Anna Muhammadan 'Abduhoo wa Rasooluh. (I bear witness that there is no true god save Allah and I bear witness that (Hadrat)Muhammad[peace be upon him] is the chosen servant and (true) Messenger of Allah).

Q3: Is it enough to say Kalimah-e-Shahaadat by the tongue only to be a Muslim?
A. Mere expression of Kalimah-e-Shahaadat is not enough to become Muslim but to testify and confirm it and all other essentials of Islaam with all heart is the prerequisite to be a Muslim. He must also believe in the fact that Hadrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) is true in all his words and deeds. His no action and word should smack of any insolence or blasphemy against Allah Almighty and the Holy Prophet.

Q 4: How a dumb man should express his embracing of Islaam?
A. Since a dumb can not speak, he should communicate by gesture that there is none worthy of worship except Allah and Hadrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) is His chosen servant and true Messenger and that Islaam, through and through, is the truth.

Q 5: What are the prerequisites of Islaam without believing therein one can not be a Muslim?
A. The prerequisites of Islaam are well-known like belief in "Tauheed"(Oneness of Allah),Prophethood of all (true) Prophets, Paradise, hell, Doomsday, resurrection of dead etc. and to firmly believe in Hadrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) as the Last Prophet and that there will be no Prophet after him.

Q 6: Is he Muslim or not who claims to be a Muslim but denies any of the essentials of Islaam?
A. No, such a person who claims to be a Muslim but denies any of the essentials of Islaam or has beliefs unlike the beliefs of Islaam is neither Muslim nor he belongs to Muslim community.

Q 7: What is "Nifaaq" (hypocrisy)?
A. To claim to be a Muslim by the tongue but to deny Islaam at heart is "Nifaaq". It is stark infidelity. Such people will be consigned to the worst torment in hell.

Q 8: Can anyone be called "Munaafiq"(hypocrite) in the present time?
A. We can not identity or say anybody "Munaafiq" with certainty. However, a sort of "Nifaaq" is found in the present age that some disbelieving and misguided people claim to be Muslim but deny the essential (s) of Islaam.

OUR GOD - AL-LAAH: "Aamantu Bil-Laahi" (I believed in Allah).

Q 1: What should be the belief of Muslims about Allah?
1. It should be the firm belief of Muslims that Allah is One; He has no partner whatsoever; He alone is worthy of worship; neither He begot nor He is begotten and none is comparable or equal to Him in any way.

2. Allah possesses every kind of superiority and every attribute of perfection and no defect and deficient attribute whatsoever exists in Him.

3. He is all free and independent and all the worlds are subservient to Him.

4. He is "Eternal in the beginning and Eternal in the end" when there was nothing He was
and when there will be nothing He will be. His attributes are also eternal like His "Eternal Person".

5. He is "Haie-yu Qaie-yoom". He is eternally immortal and keeps His creatures alive. He gives life and causes death as and when He wills.

6. He is "Qadeer" i.e. All Powerful (Omnipotent) and has absolute dominion over everything. He does what He wills. There is none to dominate Him.

7. He is Samee' (All Hearing). He hears voice of His every creature even the sound of creeping of an ant and of the movement of wings of a mosquito.

8. He is "Baseer" (All Seeing). He sees everything regardless of big or small, near or distant and in light or in dark. Nothing is hidden from Him.

9. He is 'Aleem (All Knowing, Omniscient). He knows each and everything irrespective of what is happening, what has happened and what will happen. He knows our words, deeds, intentions and what is hidden in our breast. Even the tiniest particle of dust is not beyond His Omniscience.

10. All men and matter are subservient to His will. Each and everything happens according
to His will and nothing takes place against His will. Even no bird can fly and particle of sand move without His will.

11. He alone is the Creator of everything. What we do is all the creation of Allah. He is the Sole Creator of all the worlds and of whatever they contain irrespective of big or small. If He wills to create anything He simply says "Kun" (be) and that immediately comes into being.

12. He is "Razzaaq"(Provider of Subsistence). He provides subsistence, livelihood and all necessary things to His creatures regardless of mankind and animals and big or small to sustain them. He alone is the Sovereign Lord of all the universes. He also speaks. All the revealed books including the Glorious Qur-aan are His "Kalaam" (speech, words).

Q 2: With which thing(s) does Allah Almighty see and hear?
A. The attributes of Allah are as much unique and subtle as He is Himself. Undoubtedly, He sees, hears and speaks but unlike humanbeings since He is free of the organs of sight, hearing and speech and so is His "Kalaam" which does not need letters and sounds.

"Wa Malaaa-ikatehee" (And I believed in [Allah's] angels).

Q 1: What are Angels?
A. Angels are the obedient, worshipping and chosen servants of Allah. They have "Noori" (ethereal, luminous) existence. They are innocent and commit no sin. They do what they are commanded. They neither eat nor drink but subsist on worship and remembrance of Allah.

Q 2: Why are the angels called "innocent"?
A. Because Allah has created them free of the instinct of committing sins thus they can not disobey Allah. The Prophets of Allah are also innocent like the angels.

Q 3: What is the exact number of angels?
A. Of all creatures of Allah, the angels are the most plentiful. Their exact number is known to Allah Almighty or to His Beloved Prophet (whom Allah has endowed with such knowledge). Their creation is a continuous process. Innumerable angels are created daily. Saints and sages say that the good words and good works of the believers are transformed into angels which take off to the skies, heavens.

Q 4: How many "prominent angels" are there?
A. Four angels of Allah are very prominent and choicest ones:
a. (Hadrat) Gibrail who conveyed Allah's messages to His Apostles, Messengers and Prophets.
b. (Hadrat) Michael who is detailed to provide subsistence and rain to His creatures.
c. (Hadrat) Israfeil, he will make "Soor" i.e. blow trumpet on Doomsday.
d. (Hadrat) Izraeel, his duty is to take soul of humanbeings. A countless number of angels work under his supervision to this effect.

Q 5: What are the duties of other angels?
A. All angels have their (respective) assigned jobs. Some angels are posted in paradise and some in Hell. Some record good and bad actions of humanbeings. Some angels develop and shape foetus in mothers' wombs. Some question the dead ones in graves and some torment unbelievers and sinners. Some angels are stationed on the hallowed grave of Allah's choicest Prophet Hadrat Muhammad (may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him) and some convey or carry "Salaat-o-Salaam" (invocation of Allah's blessings on the Holy Prophet) of the believers and present to the Holy Prophet. Some angels are detailed to attend Islaamic meetings and gatherings where remembrance of Allah is made or "Meelaad Shareef" is held i.e. where the greatness and excellences of the Holy Prophet are explained.

Q 6: What is the name of those angels who record good and bad deeds?
A. They are called "Kiraaman Kaatibeen". The angels of goodness are separate from those who record evil deeds and the angels for night and day are also separate.

Q 7: Which are those angels who question the dead in grave?
A. Questioning angels are called "Munkar" and "Nakeer". They have dreaded appearance.

Q 8: Can human beings see angels?
A. We can not see angels but those ones can see whom Allah wills like His Prophets who also speak to them. However, at the time of death the believers may see the angels of goodness and unbelievers see the angels of torment.

Q 9: What is about he who does not believe in angels?
A. He who denies the existence of angels or says that "will power of doing good deeds" is angel otherwise there exists no angel, is a disbeliever.

"Wa Kutubehee" (And I believed in His[Allah's] books).

Q 1: What does the revealed book mean?
A. Revealed book means that book which Allah Almighty has sent down for the guidance of mankind so that they may know Allah and His Messengers and carry out their commands.

Q 2: How many books has Allah Almighty sent down?
A. Allah has sent down books and Sahifa pi: Suhuf (little books) to many Prophets, the exact number of which is only known to Allah and His Beloved Prophet. Of all these heavenly books four are very prominent i.e. Torah which was revealed to Prophet Moses, Zabur (the original Psalms) to Prophet David, Bible (new Testament) to Prophet Jesus and the last one which is the highest and best is the Glorious Qur-aan which Allah Almighty has gifted to His Darling Elect Hadrat Muhammad (may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him).

Q 3: Are the revealed books, besides Holy Qur-aan, still available with original texts?
A. No other heavenly books than the Qur-aan are available with the original texts because the mischievous elements in the nations of the past Prophets distorted and interpolated the original Torah, Zabur and Bible at their sweet will to gain their nefarious ends.

Q 4: How should we believe in the present Bibles (old and new testaments)?
A. We should testify only that text or portion of the bibles which conform to the teachings of the Glorious Qur-aan and disapprove of that which is (are) inimical to the Holy Qur-aan believing that this "interpolation" is the work of the mischievous elements who claim to be the followers of the said books.

Q 5: What about that if nothing conforming or unconforming to the Holy Qur-aan is found therein?
A. In such situation we shall neither approve nor disapprove but shall say "Aamantu Bil-Laahi wa Malaaa-ikatehee wa Kutubehee wa Rusulehee" (I believed in Allah, His angels, His books and His Messengers).

Q 6: Can the Holy Qur-aan be interpolated?
A. No, absolutely not. Since Islaam is ever-living and ever-lasting religion, Allah Almighty has taken up the responsibility of its protection Himself. It is free from being interpolated even if all its enemies strive jointly to do mischief to it.

Q 7: What about that man who believes that addition or omission can be made in the Qur-aan?
A. He who says that even a single letter, has been added to or omitted from or replaced in the Holy Qur-aan, remains no more in Islaamic fold and is, ipso facto, disbeliever.

Q 8: What is Sahifa?
A. Sahifa pl:Suhuf are little books or leaves which Allah Almighty sent down, before the Holy Qur-aan, for the guidance of humanity at large. These Suhuf contained good tidings, admonitions and guidelines to regulate life.

Q 9: How many Suhuf were sent down and to which Prophets given?
A. The exact number of Suhuf is known to Allah and His Choicest Prophet only, but what we know is that some Suhuf were revealed to Prophet Adam, some to his son Prophet Shit, some to Prophet Abraham, some to Prophet Idris and some Suhuf were also revealed to Prophet Moses.

Q 10: Is there any book like that of the Holy Qur-aan?
A. No, absolutely not. The Glorious Qur-aan is an unparalleled book which was endowed to the unparalleled Prophet Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa (may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him) whose title was "Ummi" (unlettered). This "truthful" (the Holy Prophet) challenged the Arab nation that was stubbornly proud of their eloquence, magniloquence and rhetorics in poetry and oratory to bring or produce ten chapters and even a single chapter like it, but all proud and arrogant ones were stupefied. If they were capable of producing a thing like it they would have definitely done that and not faced abject disgrace of the proclamation that they and their false gods would be consigned to hell. The Holy Qur-aan is the ever-living and ever-challenging miracle of the Last Prophet of Allah.

Q 11: Is there any revealed book with Hindus?
A. No, Hindus have no heavenly book. "Veid" (Hindu scripture) which they claim to be a revealed book is not "Kalaam Allah" but a collection of poems of the ancient Hindu poets.

"Wa Rusulehee" (And I believed in His [Allah's] Prophets)

Q 1: What is "Rasul"(Messenger)?
A. The Messengers (Rasul pl.Rusul) are those servants of Allah whom He chose to transmit His messages to His creatures for their guidance. The Messengers are a link between Allah and His creatures and invite them to the straight path.

Q 2: What is the difference between Nabee and Rasul?
A. Both the words Nabee (Prophet) and Rasul (Messenger) are usually spoken and understood in the same sense. However, "Nabee" is that chosen servant of Allah who received divine revelations to guide humanbeings. Rusul(Messengers) are also among the angels. Some Islaamic sages and scholars maintain that Rasul is that chosen servant of Allah who brought new Shariat (divine law).

Q 3: What is the difference between the Prophets and other humanbeings?
A. There is tremendous difference between Allah's Prophets and other humanbeings. The Prophets and Messengers are chosen and impeccable servants of Allah. They are taught, brought up and looked after by Allah Himself. They are free of every major and minor sins. They are descendants of the noblest and religious families and are so perfect in physique,
character, nature, intellect and wisdom that no scientists, scholar, physician and philosopher of the highest calibre can even think to compete with them. Allah bestowed on them all necessary perfect and scrupulous qualities and created them free from every sort of imperfection and diseases like leucoderma and leprosy which are repugnant to human nature.

Q 4: Do the Prophets have knowledge of the unseen?
A. The Prophets are sent by Allah Almighty to communicate the news of unseen. They tell people about reckoning, paradise, hell, reward of good actions and nemesis of evil deeds, Doomsday, angels and etc. All these things are unseen and other humanbeings can not comprehend them. This knowledge of the unseen has been granted to the Prophets by Allah Almighty.

Q 5: What is the status of the Prophets in the sight of Allah?
A. The Prophets are the exalted and chosen servants of Allah. They are the greatest and highest of all creatures. Even no angel can attain to their status. The greatest saint is also no match of that Prophet who possesses the lowest rank in the sight of Allah.

Q 6: What about that who does not respect the Prophets?
A. It is incumbent upon every believer to respect and revere the Prophets. This religious binding on the believers is higher than other obligations. To speak low of any Prophet what to talk of derogatory words, is tantamount to disbelief. Thus he who says anything which directly or indirectly insults any Prophet or subjects him to innuendoes, is a disbeliever.

Q 7: Can anyone become Prophet by worship and prayer?
A. No, absolutely not. The Prophethood is a highly exalted rank. Nobody can become Prophet by worship and prayer even if he fasts and prays (worships Allah) throughout his life and spends all his wealth in Allah's way. The Prophethood is an exclusive divine gift which Allah Almighty confers on the servant whom He chooses.

Q 8: What is the total number of the Prophets?
A. It is not fair to fix any particular number for the Prophets. We should maintain this belief that "we believe in all Prophets of Allah".

Q 9: Are the angels and genies Prophets?
A. No, the Prophets are only in humanbeings and that too the males only. No angel, genie or female is Prophet.

Q10: Is someone else also "Ma'soom"(impeccable) besides the Prophets and angels?
A. No one is impeccable besides the Prophets and angels. To consider anyone impeccable like that of the Prophets is a grave error.

Q11: Are Allah's saints (Wali pl.Auliya) also not impeccable?
A. Allah's saints and "Ahle Bait" (posterity of the Holy Prophet) are also not impeccable, but Allah Almighty protects them against sins. It is also not impossible for them to err.

Q12: Did any Prophet hide any command of Allah?
A. No, all Prophets sincerely and scrupulously communicated Allah's commands to mankind. If any one says that any Prophet did not communicate or hid any command of Allah for fear of anybody or expediency, he is a disbeliever.

Q13: Can we call those Prophets who have passed-away "dead"?
A. All Prophets are as much alive in their graves as they were in the mortal world. They eat, drink and go where they want to. The death had touched them only for a moment. But all these facts are beyond the comprehension of a common man.

Q14: Which Prophet came first to the world?
A. Hadrat Adam(peace be upon him) was the first Prophet who was sent into the world. Before him there was no humanbeing, that's why he is called "the father of mankind". All humanbeings are his progeny.

Q15: Who was the first Rasul (Messenger)?
A. The first Rasul who was sent down for the guidance of unbelievers and disbelievers was Hadrat Nuh [Noah] (peace be upon him). He preached for 950 years but disbelievers who were stone-hearted and obstinately insolent remained clung to thier disbelief. At last, Prophet Noah prayed to Allah Almighty and a dreaded deluge overtook them. All disbelievers on the earth were eliminated. A few believers and a pair of every animal which boarded Noah's boat were safe.

Q16: Which Prophet came in the last?
A. The Prophet who was sent in the last for the guidance of whole world is our Holy Prophet Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa (may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him). In him the institution of Prophethood attained its highest glory. He is the Last Prophet and no prophet will succeed him in whatsoever way.

Q17: Are all Prophets equal in rank or superior to one another?
A. All Prophets have their respective ranks in the eyes of Allah. The highest of all is our kind master Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa(may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him). Therefore, he is called "Saie-yidul Anmbiyaa" (the leader, chief of all Prophets).

Q18: Who is next to our Prophet in rank?
A. Hadrat Ibraaheem Khaleel-ul Laah [Abraham] (peace be upon him) is next to Hadrat Muhammad (may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him) in superiority. After him Hadrat Musa(Moses), Hadrat Isa(Jesus) and Hadrat Nuh(Noah) are superior to other Prophets. All these chosen servants of Allah are best of all humanbeings even of angels.


Q 1: What are the traits of Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa (may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him)?
1. Allah Almighty, first of all, created "Noor" (light) of Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa(may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him) and then created all the worlds from his Noor. Had he not been created nothing would have been created. He is the soul of all universes.
2. Allah Almighty took covenant from all Prophets that if Hadrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) came in their time they would certainly believe in him and help him.
3. The Holy Prophet is the best and highest of all and so is his family. No one like him has been born and even will not be born.
4. At the time of his birth all idols placed in holy Ka'abah fell flat and there was a surge of luminous light that his (revered) mother saw the palaces of the king of Syria.
5. The Holy Prophet was shadowless being "Noor" (light) through and through because Noor has no shadow.
6. A piece of cloud often hung over his head and trees rushed towards him to provide cool shelter under the burning sun though he was not yet declared Prophet formally.
7. Fragrance emanated from his blessed body and sweat which surpassed the sweet odour of musk and saffron and whichever way he passed would become fragrant.
8. Allah Almighty has endowed him with all treasures of all the worlds and authorised him to distribute from them at his own sweet will. Allah's will lies in his will.
9. Each and every bounty and favour which all creatures of Allah receive in this worlds and
the world hereafter are owing to him.
10. If Allah is praised His Beloved Prophet's renown is also exalted as he is Allah's Darling Elect. In short, the greatness and dignity of the Holy Prophet is beyond human attainment. He is a unique agglomeration of all bodily qualities, merits and spiritual perfection.

Q 2: Is it right or not to celebrate "Meelaad Shareef' (Prophet's birth)?
A. In the blessed gatherings of Meelaad Shareef, the traits, miracles, noble countenance, sublime character, impeccable nature, magnanimity, grace, compassion, in brief, life of the Holy Prophet are explained which are vindicated by the Glorious Qur-aan and sayings of the Prophet. Such virtuous things are neither unfair nor inventions. At the end of Meelaad Shareef gathering "Salaat-o-Salaam" (invocation of Allah's blessings on the Holy Prophet) is recited aloud respectfully in standing posture which is also lawful.

"Wai Yaumil Aakheri" (And I believed in the Day of Judgement).

Q 1: What is Doomsday?
A. The Doomsday will be a dreadfully grievous day. Everybody will get panicked and terrorised. The hearts will get rent apart. The earth, the sky, all humanbeings, genies and angels will be annihilated. The sky will be cleft and the earth destroyed. Mountains will float in the air like carded wool and the stars will fall like rain and smash hitting one another. Briefly, each and everything will perish excepting Allah Almighty.

Q 2: How will the Doomsday be established?
A. By the command of Allah Almighty, Hadrat Israfeil will blow the trumpet throwing the earth and the sky into tumult. The sound of the trumpet will be low at the outset which will gradually intensify to the fearful dimension. As a result, all living creatures will faint down and die. The earth, sky, mountains and even Israfeil and 'Izraeel will perish. There will be nothing but Allah alone Who is Eternal in the beginning and Eternal in the end.

Q 3: Who will take the soul of (Hadrat)' Izraeel?
A. After annihilation of all things (the earth & the sky) Allah Almighty will command (Hadrat) 'Izraeel to take soul of (Hadrat) Gibrail. He will take Gibrail's soul who will fall like a big mountain praising Allah in prostration and die. Likewise he will take souls of (Hadrat) Michael, (Hadrat) Israfeil and "Hamalaatal-Arsh"(four angels holding the empyrean) respectively who will die. Then Allah Almighty will say "Mut" (Be you dead), (Hadrat) Azraeel will fall like a big mountain praising Allah in prostration and die.

Q 4: When will the Doomsday come about?
A. Only Allah and His Beloved Prophet know the exact time of the Doomsday. The faster the time passes the nearer the Doomsday gets. Some indications have been told by Allah Almighty and His Messenger to this effect. After completion of these indications the Doomsday will come about.

Q 5: What are the indications of the Doomsday?
A. The foremost indication of the Doomsday is the advent of Allah's Last Prophet Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa (may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him) and his passing away from the mortal world. Some other indications are:

1. Religious knowledge will disappear (i.e. there will be dearth of true religious scholars) and ignorance prevail.
2. People will get education/knowledge for worldly gains not to serve the religion.
3. Remaining adhered to Islaam will be as difficult and painful as to hold burning embers in a fist.
4. Payment of "Zakaat" (poor due) will be avoided and considered "ransom" rather than an Islaamic duty.
5. Songs and obscenity and vulgarity will be all around and people will have no regard for elders (others).
6. Mean and sordid people will take pride in their big mansions and palaces. There will be galore of wealth.
7. nefficient and corrupt people will occupy high positions.
8. Time will carry no blessing i.e. run out rapidly.
9. People will be disobedient and insolent to their parents and obsequious to their wives. They will distance themselves from relatives and get close to friends.
10. Forefathers and elders will be disgraced and even cursed.
11. People will raise hue and cry in mosques and indulge in worldly talks therein.
Besides these portents of Doomsday there are several others which will be delineated in subsequent chapters.

"Wal-Qadre Khaierehee wa Sharrehee Minil Laahe Ta'aalaa" (And I believed in that all good and bad destiny proceeds from Allah).

Q 1: What is "Taqdeer"(predestination)?
A. What Allah Almighty has written with His eternal knowledge about what will happen in the world and what His servants will do, is Taqdeer.

Q 2: Is humanbeing compelled to do what has been predestined for him?
A. No, it is not so. Allah Almighty has given us the power of action and endowed us with common sense and intellect to differentiate between the good and evil and between gain and loss. The man is not an inanimate object like stone. What the man had to do in the world Allah Almighty wrote all that with His eternal knowledge.

Q3: What about those who refute "Qadar" (predestination)?
A. Those who refute "Qadar" have been termed as Zoroastrian (fire worshippers) of the Ummah of the Holy Prophet.


Q 1: What is death?
A. Everyone has a particular age, when his predestined time is over (Hadrat) Izraeel visits him and takes soul out of his body. This is death.

Q 2: What does a dying man see?
A. At the time of death one sees plenty of angels at his right and left sides to the extent of his sight-range. The believer observes the angels of mercy whereas the angels of torment look-on to a disbeliever.. They take the soul of believer with respect and of disbeliever with disdain and hatred.

Q3: Where are the souls kept?
A. There are different places where the souls are kept. The souls of virtuous believers have their different places than those of disbelievers and sinful believers. Some souls of Muslims live at their graves, some at sacred well of "Zam Zam"(blessed water), of some in between the earth and the heavens and of some in the 1st sky, second and also upto the seventh heaven and even higher than that.

Q 4: Where are the souls of unbelievers kept?
A. The impure and wretched souls of unbelievers live in their graves, cremation ground, from 1st layer of the earth to the lowest one and even deeper than the bottom of the earth.

Q 5: Does the soul maintain any link with the body after death?
A. Yes, after death the soul has a link with the body. If the body is comforted or tormented the soul feels it.

Q 6: Is the soul perishable like the body?
A. Death means separation of the soul from the body. It does not mean that the soul is annihilated. He who believes in perish of soul is a disbeliever and misguided.

Q 7: What does happen to the dead in grave?
A. Grave squeezes believer with affection like a mother who hugs her loving child and squeezes an unbeliever so much so that his ribs and bones get intertwined.

Q 8: Can the soul of any dead enter into other's body?
A. No, absolutely not. No soul can enter into the body of any humanbeing or animal. There is no concept of reincarnation in Islaam. Hindus believe in such absurdities which are false and infidelity.

Q 9: Who are Munkir Nakeer?
A. When people leave the graveyard after having buried the dead, he hears the sound of their steps and then two angels who are called "Munkir" and "Nakeer" enter the grave cleaving through the earth with their big teeth. They have dreadful appearance i.e. cauldron-like burning eyes and the whole body (from the head to the toe) covered with big hairs. They ask the dead in stern rebuke to sit and harshly question him.

Q10: What questions do Munkir & Nakeer ask of the dead?
A. 1st question: "Mar-Rabbuka" (Who is your Creator)?
2nd question: "Maa Deenuka" (What is your faith)?
3rd question: Pointing towards the Holy Prophet Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa (may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him), they ask: "Maa Kunta Taqoolu Fee Haazar Rajul" (What did you use to say about him)?

Q11: How will a Muslim answer these questions?
A. If the dead is believer he will say: (answer to first question) "Rabbi-yal Laah" (my creator is Allah), (answer to second question) "Deeni-yal Islaam" (my faith is Islaam) and (answer to third question) "Huwa Rasoolul Laah (Sallal Laahu 'Alaihe wa Sallam" (He is the true Messenger of Allah).

Q12: What will be the reaction of the angels to these answers?
A. The angels will say that we had an idea that you would say so. Then a proclaimer will proclaim from the sky that "My servant has spoken the truth". Let the heavenly bed be spread for him and clothe him with the heavenly garment. A window will be opened to the paradise and grave enlarged to the extent of sight-range. The angels will say "now you have rest" and then leave. The dead will keep enjoying the fragrance and beautiful spectacles of paradise till the Doomsday. His virtues will adopt elegant and graceful forms to comfort and please him.

Q13: What treatment will be meted out to an unbeliever and a hypocrite?
A. If the dead is an unbeliever or a hypocrite he will answer every question saying: Alas! I know nothing. I used to say what I heard people said. Then a proclaimer will proclaim from the sky that he is a liar. Let the bed of hell-fire be spread for him and clothe him with the garment of fire. A hole will be opened to the hell to chastise him. Two angels will be detailed to beat him with iron mallets. His grave will be full of frightful snakes and scorpions and his sins will also take the shapes of dreadful dog and wolf to torment him.

Q14: Will the sinful Muslims be chastised in grave?
A. Yes, some sinful believers will face torment in grave because of their disobedience. However, they will be absolved either by the supplications and intercession of their spiritual guides, Allah's saints or by the grace of Allah Almighty.

Q15: Are those dead questioned who are not buried?
A. All dead are questioned irrespective of burial or being eaten away by animals and also get reward of their goodnesses and chastisement of sins.

Q16: Can the living ones benefit their dead or not?
A. Yes, the good deeds of living people benefit their dead. We should recite the Holy Qur-aan, Durood Shareef (invocation of Allah's blessings on the Holy Prophet), Kalimah Shareef and give alms and offer "Sawaab" (reward of virtue) thereof to our dead ones which is proved by the Sunnah.

Q17: Is it lawful or not to utter "Azaan" on grave?
A. Yes, uttering Azan (words of call to prayer) on grave is lawful. It comforts the dead in the horrid loneliness of grave.

"Walba'se Ba'dal Maut" (And I believed in that the dead ones will be resurrected).

Q 1: How will the dead ones be resurrected?
A. When all the worlds will be annihilated and there will remain nothing in existence but Allah alone, He will resurrect (Hadrat)Israfeel and recreate trumpet after forty years and command him to blow the trumpet. Hadrat Israfeel will sound it and every thing will immediately come to life. The dead ones will be resurrected from their graves.
The field of resurrection will be thronged with them. Everybody will be holding his sheet of actions in his hand.

Q 2: What is the field of resurrection?
A. The field of resurrection will be established in Syria. The earth will be turned into copper and made so even that the smallest thing like mustard seed if fell on the one end of it will be visible from the other end.

Q 3: What will be the plight of people in the field of resurrection?
A. It is frightening even to think of the dreads and horrors of the Doomsday. The earth will be of copper and the sun (obverse side) will be emitting its heat and fire furiously from the distance of only one mile (1.6 km). The brains will boil and people will perspire because of excessive heat so much so that they will drown in their own sweat. They will have their hearts in the mouths and throats and tongues will dry up.

In this pathetic condition nobody will help the other. Parents will not heed to their children and even mother will abandon her suckling baby. Briefly, everybody will be in an inexplicable distress and pain. Their all doings will be before them and it will be Allah, the Wrathful, Who will judge their good and evil deeds.

Q 4: How will people obviate these horrors?
A. The Doomsday will be of 50,000 years as per our unit of time. After passing of about half day people will discuss as to which Prophet should be approached for intercession so that they may get rid of the horrors of the Doomsday. All will go to the Prophet Adam and then to the other Prophets but everyone will express helplessness and advise them to approach the other Prophet for relief.

Q 5: To whom will all people approach for relief?
A. Hadrat 'Isaa (Prophet Jesus) will advise all people to go to Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa(may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him) for intercession. All will rush to him and pray for his intercession. Our kind master Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa (may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him) will say "yes it is only me who can help you today". He will observe "Sajdah" (prostration) and praise Allah Almighty in the best panegyric which will pacify Allah's wrath. Allah will say: raise your head O' Muhammad! speak, you will be listened to. Ask for, you will be granted and intercede your intercession will be accepted. Then the Holy Prophet will intercede and innumerable sinful believers will be absolved.

Q 6: Will someone else also intercede besides the Holy Prophet?
A. By the means of Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa(may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him) all Prophets will intercede for their followers and then the scope of intercession will enlarge to the extent that Allah's saints, spiritual guides, sages, scholars and other pious Muslims will intercede for the sinful believers and thus countless Muslims will be admitted into heavens.

Q 7: Will anyone be safe from the dreads & horrors of the Doomsday or not?
A. No doubt, the Doomsday will continue for 50,000 years and will be the most horrendous day full of unheard of distress and pain but even then Allah's Prophets and His other loved ones will be safe from the horrors. For some of them this gigantic duration will be made as short as the time spent in offering an obligatory prayer and for some even less like twinkling of an eye.

Q 8: What will be the fate of other creatures besides humanbeings?
A. All dangerous and dreaded animals will be sent into Hell to punish and torment the infernal people, but they will themselves be safe from the hell's torment. All other animals and beasts will be annihilated. As regards genies it is reported that they will live in the habitations near/around the paradise and will visit the paradise off and on.